Audio Cybernetics

Digital Audio Production Facilities

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Audio Cybernetics provides the following services:

Sound Design
Vocal Editing
Sound Effects Editing
Audio Post
Virtual Audio
Creative/Technological Consultation
Studio Equipment Sale


Audio Cybernetics is a music composition and production company founded fifteen years ago by musician/producer Christopher Currell. The goal of Audio Cybernetics is to supply the music entertainment industry with high quality music and sound effects for records, film, television, video games, virtual reality applications and theme parks. It also is the purpose of Audio Cybernetics to utilize the most advanced technologies and techniques available including the Virtual Audio Processing System, an advanced three-dimensional sound processor. Clients include Michael Jackson, CBS, Warner Brothers, Fuji Television, DreamQuest and Walt Disney.

Christopher Currell founded Audio Cybernetics in 1981 in Los Angeles, California as his private studio for producing and composing his own music projects. Audio Cybernetics then expanded to also include audio post for records, television, and film. Christopher is involved in research and development of digital-signal processing technology foe the musical instrument and professional audio industries, advanced three-dimensional sound, and Virtual Reality.


Christopher Currell performed the Synclavier, Digital Guitar, and many special effects on this award winning album. Christopher also helped arrange the smash hit "BAD" along with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. Christopher also played Synclavier and Digital Guitar on Michael Jackson's "BAD" world tour. Christopher has also contributed to the new Michael Jackson album "HISTORY". Christopher's listed album credits include: Rhythm Arrangements, Synclavier, Guitars and Percussion!


Audio Cybernetics is located in Thousand Oaks, California.


Audio Cybernetics studio dimensions are as follows:
Control Room: 12'W x 10.6''L
Vocal Booth: 8'W x 4'L
Machine/storage: 7'W x 5'L


Apple 2 GHz, Dual Processor G5, 1.5 Gigabyte RAM, ATI XT 800 Graphics Card, 1.25 Terrabyte HD storage with one 20" Cinema Display
Apple 2.5 GHz, Quad Processor G5, Gigabyte RAM, ATI XT 800 Graphics Card, 1.25 Terrabyte HD storage with Dual 20" Cinema Displays
Apple Titanium Powerbook 667MHz, 1 Gig RAM, 40 Gigabyte HD w/ external 160 Gigabyte HD
Apple Aluminum Powerbook 1.64MHz, 1.5 Gig RAM, 80 Gigabyte HD w/ external 160 Gigabyte HD
Apple 1.8 GHZ iMac G5, 1.5 Gig RAM, 80 Gigabyte HD
Apple Power Macintosh 9500
Gateway Laptop PC,

Digidesign 002 Rack Pro Tools 7
Digidesign Pro Tools w 5.0.1 software running on a Power Macintosh 9500 with 210 Megs of RAM With 3 DSP farm cards
Panasonic 3900 DAT recorder (2)
Yamaha cassette deck KX-W582
Technics MDII portable DAT recorder

Mackie console. 16 inputs, 4 buss
Mackie LM-3204 keyboard mixer

MackieHR824 reference monitors (2)
Custom headphone amplifier, class A power with Stax headphones (2)
Sennheiser HD250 headphones (5)
Hafler M5 speakers

AKG 414 microphone (2)
Schoeps CMC-5 condenser microphone (2)
Sennheiser MD 451 microphone
Virtual Audio Live Recording Processor. For location recording in Virtual Audio (3-D sound)

Yamaha P3500S power amplifier
Yamaha P2700 power amplifier

Custom Ztar MIDI controller made by Starr Labs.
CME UF 88 MIDI Keyboard Controller
Roland D550 digital synthesizer
Kurzweil K2500RS w 64 megs RAM, all sound blocks, expanded PRAM, 1.2 gig hard drive
Korg X5DR synth module

Sony U - Matic VO 5800 3/4 video deck

Outboard FX:
TC Electronic G-Force guitar processor (2)
Roland VG8 guitar prosessor with optional expander installed. Over 300 guitar sounds avalible (2)
BASE (Bedini Audio Spacial Environment)
Axon AX-100 pitch to MIDI converter
TC Electronic M3000 digital reverb
Virtual Audio Processing System. Computer system for creating advanced 3-D sound (Virtual Audio)
Sans Amp PSA-1 Guitar Preamp. (2)

Akai digital signal patchbay DP88 (2)
Denon CD player DCD-1500II
Pioneer LD player CLD-3070
Sonosax portable micpreamps (2)
Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2880+DSP
M-Audio 1814 audio Interface
Mark OF The Unicorn MIDI Timepiece AV (2)

Plug-ins and Software:

Abelton live 5
ProTools 7
Apple Soundtrack Pro

VST/VSTi (Contact us for the most recent list of plug-ins)
Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
Spectrasonics Trilogy
Native Instruments Kontakt 2
Native Instuments Absynth 4
Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2
GMedia ImpOScar
Arturia Arp 2600 V
Arturia CS-80 V
Arturia Moog Modular V 2
Arturia MiniMoog
LinPlug Albino 3
Waldorf PPG Wave 2 V
Audio Ease Altiverb 5
Cycling '74 Pluggo
Waves Platinum Bundle
IK Multimedia Amplitube
IK Multimedia Philharmonk Miroslav
IK Multimedia Amplitube 2
Garritan Personal Orchestra
Korg Legacy Collection - Digital Edition

Audio Units
Metric Halo Channel Strip
Novation V-Station
Greenoak Crystal

Reason 3.5
Metric Halo Mobile I/O Software

Arkaos VJ 3.5.1
Final Cut Pro 5
DVD Studio 3
Artmatic Pro


1. Protools hard disk recording with engineer: $35.00 per hour
(Hourly rates charged to the 1/4 hour)

2. MOTU Digital Performer hard disk recording with engineer: $35.00 per hour
(Hourly rates charged to the 1/4 hour)

3. Virtual Audio Processing: $100.00 per hour
(licensing fee may be required)

4. DAT or cassette duplication: $20.00 per hour (not including tape)

5. Video Editing with Final Cut Pro - CALL


1. Payment to be paid in advance for half the time booked.
2. All accounts are on a cash basis unless prior arrangements have been made.
3. A two hour minimum is required.
4. All accounts to be paid in full at the end of the session unless prior arrangements have been made.
5. All accounts to be settled before release of any master tapes unless prior arrangements have been made.
6. Cancellations to be made at least 48 hours in advance of the session or the deposit will be forfeited.
7. Deposits can be made by check but must clear before studio time can be booked.

Booking a large project? Recording for a week or more? Ask about our special "Big Project" rates. We want to help make your recording project as enjoyable and cost effective as possible. Call us!

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