Christopher Currell

Graphic Art

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Christopher Currell has always been interested in art. At the early age of eleven, he studied fine art and oil painting at the Flint Institute for the Arts . Christopher learned also from his father who was an accomplished graphic artist. Christopher entered many contests sponsored by his grade school and consistently won first and second place honors

Christopher's interest eventually leaned toward music and for many years, no longer had the time to paint. It was much later in his life, around 1992 , that Christopher got interested in computer generated art. After assembling some essential hardware and software tools, Christopher began experimenting with computer art.

Using an Apple Macintosh computer, a Wacom drawing tablet, a scanner, Photoshop, Strata Studio Pro, Painter and Bryce, Christopher enjoys creating fantasy art reminiscent of lifetimes past and uncertain futures.

The art shown here is for viewing only and cannot be used in any commercial application without the artist's permission.

More artwork will be added over time so please stop back and check out the new additions.

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Peaceful Shelter 172k jpg

Deus Ex Machina 148k jpg

Unfolding 152k jpg

Water Bubbles 160k jpg