Christopher Currell


For a total of over 30 years, Christopher Currell has composed, performed and synthesized a broad range of music, including classical, jazz, rock, avant-garde and pop. Christopher is currently the owner of Audio Cybernetics, a high tech audio production company. Christopher has over twelve years of experience with the Synclavier Digital Audio System. He also has extensive Virtual Audio production experience. Christopher has worked on a wide variety of projects from film scores to pop albums to video games, taught seminars, and performed live, earning him the respect of his peers and a reputation for flexibility, insight and reliability. Christopher is also pioneering in the field of guitar synthesis.


Christopher Currell performed the Synclavier, Digital Guitar, and many special effects on this award winning album. Christopher also helped arrange the smash hit "BAD" along with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. Christopher also played Synclavier and Digital Guitar on Michael Jackson's "BAD" world tour.


Christopher has also contributed to the new Michael Jackson album "HISTORY". Christopher's listed album credits include: Rhythm Arrangements, Synclavier, Guitars and Percussion!

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