Equipment Studio A


Updated 7/22/06


Apple 2 GHz, Dual Processor G5, 5.5 Gigabyte RAM, ATI XT 800 Graphics Card, 1.25 Terrabyte HD storage with Dual 20" Cinema Displays
Digidesign ProTools 002 Rack Running 6.9 Protools LE w/DV Toolkit
Apple Titanium Powerbook 667MHz, 1 Gig RAM, 40 Gigabyte HD w/ external 160 Gigabyte HD
Apple Aluminum Powerbook 1.64MHz, 1.5 Gig RAM, 80 Gigabyte HD w/ external 160 Gigabyte HD

Digidesign 002 Rack Running on Apple Dual Processor G5
Digidesign Pro Tools w 5.0.1 software running on a Power Macintosh 9500 with 210 Megs of RAM With 3 DSP farm cards
Panasonic 3900 DAT recorder (2)
Yamaha cassette deck KX-W582
Technics MDII portable DAT recorder

Mackie console. 16 inputs, 4 buss
Mackie LM-3204 keyboard mixer

MackieHR824 reference monitors (2)
Custom headphone amplifier, class A power with Stax headphones (2)
Sennheiser HD250 headphones (5)
Hafler M5 speakers

AKG 414 microphone (2)
Schoeps CMC-5 condenser microphone (2)
Sennheiser MD 451 microphone
Virtual Audio Live Recording Processor. For location recording in Virtual Audio (3-D sound)

Yamaha P3500S power amplifier
Yamaha P2700 power amplifier

Custom Ztar MIDI controller made by Starr Labs.
CME UF 88 MIDI Keyboard Controller
Roland D550 digital synthesizer
Kurzweil K2500RS w 64 megs RAM, all sound blocks, expanded PRAM, 1.2 gig hard drive
Korg X5DR synth module

Sony U - Matic VO 5800 3/4 video deck

Outboard FX:
TC Electronic G-Force guitar processor (2)
Roland VG8 guitar prosessor with optional expander installed. Over 300 guitar sounds avalible (2)
BASE (Bedini Audio Spacial Environment)
Axon AX-100 pitch to MIDI converter
TC Electronic M3000 digital reverb
Virtual Audio Processing System. Computer system for creating advanced 3-D sound (Virtual Audio)
Sans Amp PSA-1 Guitar Preamp. (2)

Akai digital signal patchbay DP88 (2)
Denon CD player DCD-1500II
Pioneer LD player CLD-3070
Sonosax portable micpreamps (2)
Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2880+DSP
M-Audio 1814 audio Interface
Mark OF The Unicorn MIDI Timepiece AV (2)

Plug-ins and Software:

Abelton live 5
ProTools 6.9
Apple Soundtrack Pro

Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
Spectrasonics Trilogy
Native Instruments Kontakt 2
Native Instuments Absynth 2
Native Instruments Reaktor 4
Native Instruments Guitar Rig
GMedia ImpOScar
Arturia Arp 2600 V
Arturia CS-80 V
Arturia Moog Modular V 2
Arturia MiniMoog
LinPlug Albino 2
Waldorf PPG Wave 2 V
Audio Ease Altiverb 5
Cycling '74 Pluggo
Waves Platinum Bundle
IK Multimedia Amplitube
IK Multimedia Philharmonk Miroslav
IK Multimedia Amplitube 2
Garritan Personal Orchestra
Korg Legacy Collection - Digital Edition

Audio Units
Metric Halo Channel Strip
Novation V-Station
Greenoak Crystal

Reason 3.5
Metric Halo Mobile I/O Software

Arkaos VJ 3.5.1
Final Cut Pro 5
DVD Studio 3
Artmatic Pro