Time Matrix: D6900589x342/2012
Destination: Quadrant 2451-EI62Q
Sector: MW6027-TS
Grid Intersect: 2574j/459a
World: Tiamat
Location: 40.2N x 105.3E
Life Form: Homo Sapian/Caucasian
Descent: Anunnaki/Pleiadian Language: English
Translation Document Page 1

The Archives of the Aeons
The Akashic Records, the Alcyone Library, Planet Alcyone, Pleiades

In the Illuminated Year of the One Ray
Of the two polarities, of the three dimensions and densities
Observed and ordained by the Command of the Constellations
In the Helix Hall of All Entwined Destinies
At the advent of the second millennium
In the epoch of the 'civilized species'
An ascension to emanating astral angles and higher octaves
Loomed in the evolutionary lineage of planet Earth

But the species knew not its own imminent incarnation
Knew not this threshold of emergence
Knew not of the transcendence beyond the unlocked portals
For the Immaculate Ego was on the Clone Throne
The enmities of light and dark clashed
A Great Blindness plagued the pupils of the human hybrid
Conflict and discordance reigned in the latency of the fecund fields
And in each cell a dormancy pervaded the churning cytoplasmic panorama
As an eternal eclipse of The Way endured

And the Masters of the Matrix looked upon their heritage
With manacled wrists and sustained oaths of silence
Knowing that within the genetic reservoir of their creation
Of Man, of Woman,
Shone the Light of Ethereal Equilibrium
And the Seed of the Serene Spirit
Earth, over the duration of all Dreamtime
Had been the Cradle of the Solar Circle
An arable arena for the roots of the Celestial Tree of Life
For their Earthlings were the mutation of the many
A splicing and weaving of the collective cosmic characteristics
Of the myriad visitors from the voidness of the Warped Shores

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