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Here, within this species, were the lost starlines
The recessive traits of the galactic races
Races who had come across the Reticulum of the heavens
To these terrestrial plains
And broken the carbon chains, fused the atomic spheres
And left the codes of the constellations in each human vessel
A rare pool containing the ripples of the Stellar Reaches
Carrying the integration of the polarities
And the future cures of the frequencies of the cosmic family

Yet stagnant was the pool
Reigned in, as it was, by the Absolute Individuality of the Earthlings
Who in their blinkered mindsets, their oblivion head dresses
Were in the full battle cries of self-destruction

The Master of the Matrix were powerless
Their vows of non-interference were immutable
And reluctantly they watched from afar on the planet's great demise
But let it be ratified in the Archives of the Aeons

Thus came ishWish
The rebels of the Free Floating World
The violators of the supreme vows with their aura-spurs spinning
Armed only with the Sacred Scales of the Musical Spheres
And their instruments of the higher harmonies

And their music oscillated through the numb nerve
United the tangled vein
And settled in the cave of the cranium;
A music from the interstices of the stars
Of a dimensional wavelength unheard of in the earthly hemispheres
A music to emulate the astral angles and the upper octaves
To enlighten the sightless cell
To alter everything

Struck up their tetrahedonic orchestration of infrared energy
And the Sacred Scale issued forth
And the shell of the human ear was drowned
Everything was altered


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